All in-person classes are fully resumed while online classes are still available.

General Questions
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General Questions

We strongly encourage you to use credit card (Visa, MasterCard) and debit card as the secure payment methods. However, we accept cheque, cash, and e-transfer as ways of payment as well. Please contact our office for detailed instructions of payment for cheque, cash, and e-transfers.

Yes. It is available upon request. You may contact the school office to schedule for a free trial class and school tour.

We employ certified Mandarin teachers from Mainland China, with at least three years of teaching experience in their students’ age group. Some of our teachers have ECA/ECE certifications. They have rich experience living, working and teaching in different cultures, and they fully understand the teaching methodology of a second language.

All the teachers of our Mandarin Immersion Camps have rich experience working with young children and are registered ECEs.

Teachers primarily speak Mandarin. However, English will be used if necessary, for explanations and to convey important messages. The amount of English used in class will decrease as students progress throughout the course/school year.

We teach Simplified Chinese and Standard Mandarin, which is the language system of Mainland China. It is easier to learn how to read and write Simplified Chinese that is commonly used across the world. The system is also recognized by the United Nations.

We offer a free consultation at our training centres. New students are strongly recommended to complete a language assessment to ensure they will be placed in the right level. You will meet our program advisor to discuss the curriculum, learning objectives and specific needs. TMS reserves the right to request a student repeat a course if necessary. Please contact the school office and book an appointment, at least one week in advance.

Yes. Many students at TMS have successfully made the transition. It is a big plus to their Mandarin study.

The earlier is better! 0-5 years old is the critical period for language development. Our Saturday Parent & Tot course introduces the language to children as young as 2 years old; children who are 18 months old can start at our JINGBAO™ nursery full time or part-time. The Saturday early years Mandarin courses are available to kids that are as young as 3 years old.

Students will have a book and CD/DVD to guide them through the lessons. They’re welcome to email their teacher to ask questions. Our iHomework mobile app allows students to interact with teachers and continue after-class learning and practices. The school library features over 1,000 Chinese language books and multi-medias.

The official receipt will be sent to your email once you complete your order.

Saturday School/Online After-School Program

Yes. You can enroll your child anytime during the school year/term, if there is available space. Tuition will be prorated.

Yes. Each week, school-age students will be assigned homework to encourage after-class review and practice. The amount and format of homework are determined by the class level. Some teachers will give dictations and pop quizzes to evaluate the students’ progress. Report cards/feedback will be sent to parents at the end of each school year/term.

The Happy Mandarin program is specifically designed for children, aged 6 to 16 years old and do not have any Mandarin experience or knowledge. Teachers focus on developing conversational skills and incorporate interactive activities such as role play and animated discussions. Our teachers are able to communicate in English, when necessary. A weekly feedback form will be sent to parents to enhance teacher-parent communication. If your child requires extra support, private tutoring is available. The Saturday School program also offers classes for parents, who want to support your child’s Mandarin learning by studying the language together.

Adult/Children and Teens Private, Semi-Private and Small Groups

New sessions start every month. Please contact the school office for all small group class schedules.

As you approach your last two lessons, please send a request to the school office by email to start a new module. Also, please inform your instructor that the class will be continued. Once we receive your request, we will reply to your email about the payment details. Then, you can proceed to your payment on our school website.

As a novice, the best approach is to focus on developing conversational skills, by learning vocabularies, speaking and listening comprehension. Reading and writing will be introduced at the advanced levels. Students who are interested, can receive customized lessons and materials to learn how to write Chinese characters.

We host a free and informal gathering every Friday that is called “Mandarin Corner”. In this session, students may ask questions, share Chinese culture and practice their conversational skills with volunteers, teachers and other students.

Yes. We will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Yes. Please provide your instructor with a copy. They will use it for preparing lessons.

Yes. Let us know your learning objectives and current skill level. We can customize the lessons that address your specific needs.

Yes. If requested, we will provide a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Mandarin Immersion Camp

Yes. All lessons and activities are performed in Mandarin. The camp is open to all Mandarin speaking and non-Mandarin speaking children. They will be placed in different groups according to their Mandarin skill level and age.

In the morning, we start with Mandarin lessons. Fun and age-appropriate activities are conducted in the afternoon. These activities include arts & crafts, Olympic Math, storytelling, Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, sports and special guest speakers. Preschool and toddler groups follow a full day learning schedule, revolving around a theme.

A field trip will be organized every four weeks.

Our youngest campers are 18 months old, available at North York, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Downtown and Mississauga locations, and 4 years old at the Midtown location. Space is very limited for children under 2.5 years old. Please contact the school office to confirm availability.

Yes. However, we have found that children derive greater benefit and enjoyment when they are enrolled for the full day program. We recommend students enroll for more than four consecutive weeks as it allows more consistency in learning, better learning results and a shorter adjustment period.

Our camp ends at 4pm every day. After-camp care is available between 4pm to 6pm. We strongly encourage parents to pick up your child on time. Late pickups are not appreciated. A $2 per minute charge will apply after 6pm.

No. Campers must bring nut-free snacks and a water bottle every day. Staff will find an appropriate option for those who forget to bring snacks occasionally.

Lunches must be pre-ordered when registering for the camp.

Parents/caregivers should notify the school office for any known allergies at registration. Although our camp is a nut-free environment, all children with a known allergy should carry an Epi-pen. Most of the onsite staff have First aid/CPR training and will care for your child if a situation arises.

School Policy

    a. Students are required to pay full tuition fees that include learning material and registration fees prior to the start of the course.

    b. An non-sufficient funds fee of $25 will be applied to all cheques processed with insufficient funds.

If a class is full, you can request to be placed on the waiting list. You will be contacted as soon as a spot has opened.

    a. Students may submit a written request for a tuition fee refund that clearly states the reason for withdrawal to the school office two weeks in advance.

    b. All refunds are subject to a $50 administration fee. Refunds can be issued in the form of school credit or cheques. If recorded as credit, the administration fee can be waived.

    c. Registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

    d. A full refund (including the registration fee) is guaranteed if the cancellation is initiated by the school, except for weather-related conditions.

    e. A course/class will be cancelled if enrollment does not meet the minimum requirement. In this case, registered students will have the following options:

    i. Transfer to another class.

    ii. Request for a full refund.

Saturday School

    a. Refund will be prorated, if applicable.

    b. Refund will not be given for occasional absences.

    c. If a student will be absent for more than 3 consecutive classes, the missed classes can be saved as credit only if a written notice is provided to the school office 2 weeks prior to missing the first class.

Mandarin Immersion Camps

    a. A cancellation refund will be issued if made before the deadline. Please refer to the camp page for details.

    b. Refunds will not be granted for occasional absences once the camp starts. Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Classes for Adults, Children and Teens

Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Classes for Adults, Children and Teens

    a. Refund will be issued for cancellation made one week before a session starts.

    b. Refund will not be granted for cancellations made after a session has started. However, a credit can be given for future use. Please inform the school office for any changes as soon as possible.

    a. Private classes can be rescheduled at no cost with 24 hours written notice to the teacher or school office. Otherwise, regular fees will be charged.

    b. Semi-private classes can be rescheduled with 24 hours written notice to the teacher or school office, and upon agreement of both students. Otherwise, regular fees will be charged.

    c. Small-group classes cannot be rescheduled due to personal reasons. Prepaid hours will be deducted for missed class.

    d. A make-up class for semi-private/small group classes may be arranged with the instructor. However, students must pay the difference between the private and semi-private/small group class.

Students may transfer classes, without a penalty, if space is available. It is recommended that students should consult their instructor before requesting a transfer.

    a. If there are 2 or more people from your family registered for the Saturday School or After-School Online programs, your order is entitled to a 5% discount.

    b. Our referral bonus is a $25 discount (i.e. the new student must register for a full year/term) to be used for future/current year’s tuition fees. The referred student enjoys a $25 discount at registration. There is no cash value involved for the referral bonus.

    a. Change the time, location or instructor of any courses/classes.

    b. Cancel any activity due to insufficient enrolment or the availability of instructors.

    c. Use the First-Come, First Served policy for students on a waitlist.