All in-person classes are fully resumed while online classes are still available.


We help you with all your business Mandarin needs.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping professionals to customize Mandarin Chinese language programs according to their business needs and the cultural contexts. We teach you how to become a better communicator in Mandarin with real-life topics. Our teachers are career professionals who graduated from top universities in China and abroad, with extensive cross-cultural experiences in teaching and living.

Not only do they understand the language, communication and cultural practices, they also have a thorough understanding of the global business and critical needs for advanced communication skills in a competitive and multicultural marketplace. Students will benefit from using a vast variety of interactive learning tools and approaches that include individualized, real-life and industry-specific communication practices to support your Mandarin learning at Toronto Mandarin School.

We provide:


Language Training

Learn everything about the language and culture in business settings.

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Evaluate your employees language proficiency and communication skills.

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Translation and Interpreting

Mandarin and English two-way translations, interpretations, and voice-over clips.

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Business Mandarin Language Training

Our Business Mandarin training and workshops provide industry-tailored curriculum and flexible class times. Classes take place at our schools, virtually, in-home and on site at businesses located throughout the GTA. Click here to view our rates.

We talk about:

  • Mandarin words and expressions in professional settings;
  • Cultural perspectives and differences in businesses;
  • Social etiquette in business environments;
  • Common misunderstandings;
  • Miscommunication management;
  • Negotiation techniques.

Mandarin Language Assessments

We provide industry-specific Mandarin language assessments that evaluate the communication skills, language proficiency, training requirements of the organizations' prospective applicants or existing employees.

This service is ideal for organizations that aim to:

  • expand into the Chinese market; or
  • respond to the needs of their Chinese clientele.

Business Translation and Interpreting

When it comes to Business Mandarin translation services, we have been a trusted partner of many organizations.

All of our translators/interpretors are native Mandarin speakers with years of experience.

We provide English and Mandarin two-way translation, interpretation and voice-over clips in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

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