All in-person classes are fully resumed while online classes are still available.



Learn From The Best Mandarin Teachers

Founded two decades ago in Toronto, we are proud to be the best Mandarin language teaching team in the industry. Our expertise and stellar reputation are unparalleled. Each of our highly educated teachers is a native Mandarin speaker with extensive Mandarin teaching experience in North America and China. We combine the best of North American and Chinese teaching styles to optimize teaching results.

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Customized To Your Individual Needs

With over 30 online and in-person courses, we make sure your learning needs are met and your goals are achieved. We provide great flexibility in class scheduling and class size. Classes are customized to your personal and professional needs. A free consultation and assessment will be provided so you can share your learning objectives and we can help decide the class that best suits you. Most classes have online and in-person options, which allow you to learn from the comfort of your home. Personalized attention in class guarantees your participation and progress.



Communicate With Confidence

Language is a tool for communication. At Toronto Mandarin School, we believe in the importance of equipping our students with practical Mandarin language skills to communicate in the real world. Our highly experienced teachers will design the lessons that reflect real-life scenarios. We use a modern communicative approach to maximize class interaction. Classes are well balanced between individual and group work, as well as writing and speaking exercises, so that you can progress at your own pace.



Progress with After-Class Support

Practice makes perfect. Our self-developed mobile app, iHomework, allows students to progress faster and stay motivated. With the capability for teachers to record and upload their teaching materials (i.e. videos, images and texts) to the platform, students can review lessons and complete assignments anywhere and anytime with unlimited access. Students can increase their fluency by practicing the pronunciations and get scored instantly. Quick, real time feedback remarkably helps students improve their Mandarin skills effectively.

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