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Embark on Our Mandarin Marvel: A Journey with Crystal Springs High!

2024-02-16 / By: Toronto Mandarin School

This week, 18 adventurous students from Crystal Springs High School went on an exciting three-day trip to explore Chinese culture. Come along as we explore the best parts of our Mandarin Immersion Program, where each moment was packed with fun, flavor, and memories to last a lifetime!

Day 1: Tea-riffic Tea Culture & Tasting

Imagine roasting sweet potatoes and tangerines while sipping on delicious herbal teas. Yup, that's how we kicked things off! Our taste buds went on a wild adventure as we learned the art of tea brewing and indulged in some seriously tasty Chinese treats.

Day 2: Dim Sum, Printing Press, and More!
We woke up to a mouthwatering dim sum brunch followed by some hands-on action with movable printing presses. Oh, and did we mention the chance to rock some Han-style threads? Talk about feeling like cultural superstars!

Day 3: Cultural Craze & Hotpot Heaven

Mahjong madness, paper cutting and calligraphy fun, and a sizzling hotpot dinner to top it all off—could it get any better than this? We laughed, we learned, and we bonded over some seriously tasty eats!

A huge shoutout to our dedicated instructors for guiding us on this incredible journey and to our fellow adventurers for making every moment count!