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Celebrating Success at the 2023 Year End Gala

2023-12-18 / By: Toronto Mandarin School

Toronto Mandarin School and JINGBAO Bilingual Children Centre’s 2023 Year End Gala was a resounding success at the Golden Palace Banquet Hall on December 16, 2023. Over 100 of our dedicated employees joined us, making it an evening of celebration and accomplishment.

Our exceptional early childhood educators and Mandarin instructors showcased their talents, delivering captivating performances that left a lasting impression. Alongside these, a flurry of lucky draw prizes added an extra dash of excitement, ensuring everyone had a memorable time.

Reflecting on the past year, Toronto Mandarin School and JINGBAO Bilingual Children’s Centre navigated through post-pandemic challenges and achieved significant milestones. Here's a glimpse of our standout moments:

Embracing Innovation in Language Learning

In tune with the evolving landscape of language learning, we launched our TikTok account. To date, our account boasts nearly 100k followers. We introduced well-produced recorded lessons and initiated live stream classes, providing engaging and accessible language learning experiences to our audience.

Moreover, we expanded our outreach by establishing a presence on XIAOHONGSHU, a prominent Chinese social media platform, to strengthen our connection with the Chinese community and extend our brand recognition.

Revamping Our Flagship Programs

One of our flagship programs, Standard Mandarin, underwent significant reforms led by our course specialists. Through comprehensive analysis and discussions, we integrated teaching methodologies commonly practiced in North American schools. Techniques such as debate, public speaking, social practices, drama, and collaborative projects were introduced, elevating the course's engagement and effectiveness.

Our beloved Mandarin immersion summer camp transformed into an engaging weekly theme-based program. Exploring diverse topics from geography to history, culinary arts to fashion, science to visual arts in a Mandarin immersion environment, it sparked curiosity and enthusiasm among our students. Through hands-on activities and interactive sessions, this immersive experience fostered a love for learning, encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

Engaging the love for reading

Our school-wide Leveled Reading Program made a significant impact last year as over 300 students read an impressive total of 146,000 Mandarin books. This endeavor wasn't limited to native Mandarin-speaking children; it also kindled a newfound appreciation for Mandarin literature among students who didn't have a background in the language.

Crafting tailored courses for specialized learning needs

Understanding the diverse needs among our students, we've implemented specialized courses tailored to cater to distinct groups.

Taste of Mandarin stands as a gateway for adults passionate about Chinese culture and the language Mandarin. Each session delves into engaging and enjoyable topics which are both entertaining and educational, aligning with current trends to ensure a dynamic and relevant learning experience.

Mandarin Express offers a unique learning journey by immersing participants in Toronto's bustling Chinese community. Beyond traditional classrooms, this program emphasizes real-life usage of Mandarin, providing practical and relevant learning experiences. It not only enhances language skills but also offers cultural immersion, allowing participants to explore and embrace the rich heritage and vibrant traditions of the city's Chinese culture while learning Mandarin.

Chinese Character Express Course serves as a guiding light for Canadian Born Chinese seeking to embark on their literacy journey in Mandarin. Tailored specifically to meet their unique linguistic needs, this course facilitates the exploration of Mandarin characters, nurturing their proficiency in reading and writing at a fast pace within a supportive learning environment.

With a year filled with achievements and innovations behind us, we eagerly look forward to continuing our journey of growth and excellence in 2024. We are committed to providing exceptional education and fostering a love for Mandarin language and culture among our students.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and initiatives in the upcoming year!