All in-person classes are fully resumed while online classes are still available.


Immerse in a Mandarin language environment.
Your children’s fun adventure!

Our Seasonal Mandarin Immersion Camp gives children a fun introduction to the Mandarin language and Chinese culture. Each year will be focused on one theme with fun and engaging activities like singing, arts & crafts, yoga, cooking, outdoor activities and field trips. These enriched activities encourage fitness, creative expression and social interaction that inspire your children’s learning interests. Young children can explore and enjoy new experiences while practicing their Mandarin skills. We offer seasonal camps during the winter break, March break and summer break.

Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp

Our popular Mandarin immersion summer camp has accompanied and inspired children across GTA for over 20 years. It brings children a memorable summer filled with arts, music, sports, math and science activities, all while learning Mandarin. Duration and location are flexible.

Mandarin Immersion March Break Camp

This weekly camp is a perfect opportunity for your children to get a grasp on or advance their Mandarin skills. Theme-based activities are fully delivered in Mandarin that encourage cognitive and creative development, as well as expand their understanding of the world.

Mandarin Immersion Winter Camp

Everyday is an adventure at our themed-based winter camp. We provide children with tons of indoor and outdoor activities to ensure their physical, cognitive and physical development while practicing their Mandarin skills.