All in-person classes are fully resumed while online classes are still available.


Get weekly Mandarin Exposure. Fun times with friends and family!

Saturday School Mandarin classes take place throughout the entire school year on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Toronto Mandarin School welcomes students from toddlers to teens at all language levels, from diverse cultural backgrounds, including those with or without Mandarin experience. We provide adequate after-class online support as well as an on-site resource centre and library. In addition, we offer simultaneous classes for parents who want to participate as a family, while improving their language skills.

Chinese History, Geography & Culture Class

Designed for students with advanced Mandarin Chinese language skills and a vocabulary of 800+ words. It caters to Chinese heritage learners and culture enthusiasts, offering insights into China's geography, history, and cultural heritage.

Kinder “Story to Drama” Mandarin Class

Offering a unique blend of storytelling, story creation, and acting, providing a new way to help 5-6 year olds develop interests for learning Mandarin, stimulate their imagination, and build self-confidence.

Parent Mandarin

We encourage parents to show support for your child's learning by studying the language together. Parents enjoy a special rate and the convenience of same class time and location as your child’s classes.

Standard Mandarin & Chinese Phonics

We offer classes for Mandarin-speaking children, who age 6 to 17 years old. The curriculum features Chinese Phonics and 9 levels that allow students to remain immersed in the language and enhance their fluency.

Happy Mandarin

Our Happy Mandarin classes welcome children from non-Mandarin speaking families, aged 6 to 17. This course allows students to progress and develop conversational skills, and ultimately achieve an advanced level of reading, writing and speaking.

Preschool Mandarin

We welcome preschool children (3 to 6 years old) to an introduction of Mandarin language and culture. Children benefit from this mind-expanding, social experience, as they develop an ear for tones, and learn new words and correct pronunciation.

Parents & Tots Mandarin

Introduce a new language to your child at an early age. The ultimate goal of the program is to allow parents to spend quality time and enjoy learning Mandarin together as a family. Our teachers guide parents and children through interactive activities.