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Fraudulent Job Postings and Protecting Applicant Security

2023-06-30 / By:
Dear job applicants,

We want to emphasize that our company maintains rigorous recruitment protocols, prioritizing the security and privacy of our applicants. Please note that we exclusively advertise job vacancies through our official website and reputable job portals: 

  3. Indeed 
  4. Toronto Mandarin School WeChat Official Account 
  5. JINGBAO Bilingual Children's Centre WeChat Official Account 
  6. Toronto Mandarin School 小红书 Official Account (ID: torontomandarin)

Our communication with potential candidates is strictly conducted via designated email addresses and phone numbers. We do not contact/communicate with candidates with WeChat or any social media platforms for recruitment purposes.

When encountering job postings on sources not listed above, please exercise caution. To ensure your safety and protect your personal information, we urge you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Visit our official website and trusted job portals to access legitimate job listings. Submit your application to our HR department directly. 
  2. During the initial stages of the application process, our company will never request sensitive personal information, such as your photos, family information,social insurance number, or bank account details. Exercise caution if you come across any requests for such information.
  3. Should you have any questions, please call 416-304-0260 to confirm. 

If you encounter suspicious recruitment practices or have fallen victim to fraudulent activities, we urge you to report the incident to the appropriate authorities promptly.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Toronto Mandarin School
JINGBAO™ Bilingual Children's Center



  3. Indeed 
  4. 多伦多标准中文学校 微信公众号
  5. 京宝宝中英双语幼儿园 微信公众号
  6. 多伦多标准中文学校 小红书官方账号 (ID: torontomandarin)


  1. 通过我司官网或正规招聘平台查询岗位需求并提交简历至公司人力资源部。
  2. 在招聘流程初期,我司不会通过社交软件向应聘者索要个人信息。如果您通过非官方渠道获得岗位信息,一旦被要求加个人即时通讯软件,涉及生活照、家庭情况、社保号码、银行信息等隐私事宜,需保持警惕,切勿轻易透露
  3. 如果招聘流程中有疑问,请致电416-304-0260向我司总部核实。